Success Redefined

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. – Proverbs 16:3

When I graduated from high school in 1981, I had already been working since the age of fourteen. Mowing lawns, picking up coke bottles, even milking cows getting up in the early mornings even before the roosters crowed. While in high school, I was in the work program where I shared recently that I worked for an air conditioning contractor. I definitely made my mind up back then that I certainly didn’t want to make that a career. Following graduation, I began to think about what I wanted to do regarding a career choice. And what do you think was my top and of utmost importance to me in basing that decision? If you guessed money, then you guessed 100% correct! I really didn’t focus on what I wanted to do, or search within and certainly didn’t pray and ask God’s divine guidance and will to be done. As long as I could bring home a ton of cash and be able to buy some really cool toys, it really didn’t matter much to me. I went on to becoming hired at the power plant as an electrician and made some fairly decent money for a young man of my age. While I am thankful to have learned the electrical trade and make some great friends, I really do not miss being an employee there. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you’ll know what eventually closed that door there. If you’re new to my site, you can read it here.

Like me, there are so many people which have been mislead into thinking that in order to be a success that you must make a lot of money or climb as high as you can on the corporate ladder. But how sad and unfortunate it is when you finally reach the top of that ladder only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall. I like what Tony Evans defines as success. He says, “Success is not defined by comparing what you have done with what others have done. Success is comparing what you have done with what you were born, destined and purposed to do by God”. Each and every one of us has a God ordained purpose for living and a work He has called us to do. He’s given us all talents and abilities and equipped us for every good work we’ve been called to do. (Hebrews 13:21) And when we yield our wills to His and allow Him to guide us each day, He will guide us and lead us into that purpose. It will not happen overnight. Fulfilling and walking in the will of God is much more like a marathon than a sprint.

As an educator now for fifteen years, I’ve had the opportunity to visit one on one with so many young people in high school and help counsel with them in regards to their future career choice. When I ask them what they want to do when they finish high school and they tell me, the first question I ask is “Why”?  And most of the time I hear the same thing, “because I can make a lot of money”. Then I ask them, are you passionate about that job? Is there something within you that get’s excited when you think about it? I’m sure you’ve heard the quote by Confucius which says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. That sounds to be good to be true doesn’t it? But in all reality when you wish to serve Christ with all that is within you and desire that everything you do brings Him greater glory, you can actually love the job the you do every day knowing that when you commit your work to Him, that He will cause your plans and work to succeed. I have found this to be true in my own life and job and God is certainly no respecter of persons, what He has done for me, He will certainly do for you my friend.

“Heavenly Father, I pray for each and every person reading this right now. I pray for their success as they yield all they do unto You. We thank You that You cause our work to succeed as we dedicate it to You. May you prosper them in their health, their jobs, their families, their homes and pray that You would reveal more of Yourself in their lives in the coming days. In Jesus’ Name, Amen”.

Remain Blessed,


About Bryan Tarjick

Christ Follower, Son, Husband, Father, & Grandfather. Passionate about Faith, Family, Leadership & Living with Purpose.
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