Seein’ My Father In Me

“A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” ~ Proverbs 22:1

I was honored and blessed to have a father in my life for thirty-nine years here on this earth. My father, Richard Jonathan “Dick” Tarjick was a good man. Perfect? No, but a good man, great provider, husband, grandfather, friend, and someone who was always willing to help others if he possibly could. FullSizeRender2There are so many lessons that my dad would ultimately teach me although; at the time of which many were being taught, I turned a deaf ear and for many of my teen years would live my life much like that of the prodigal son Jesus spoke about in Luke 15. Before my dad went home to be with the Lord on February 9th, 2002, there were on many occasions that I had told him “Thank You”. Thank you daddy for never giving up on me, thank you daddy for disciplining me when you did, and thank you daddy for showing me the value of living a life of integrity as well as the value of keeping a good name. That was one thing daddy truly valued with high esteem. Keeping a good name and that he did. A remarkable job he did I might add for a man who never knew the love or blessing of knowing who his earthly father ever was. Yes, daddy raised three sons and a daughter without ever having the advice, mentoring or guidance from that of a father and even had to face the reality of having a mother who would eventually give him away as a child to be raised by his uncle. Even in light of having been dealt the hand in life as he did, he was always a great provider and was always willing to try and give the best advice he could to all of us children.

FullSizeRender1Karen and I were also honored that he performed our marriage ceremony at the home of her mom & dad. I can still remember daddy placing both hands on our heads and praying God’s blessings over us and our lives together. That blessing prayed over us, God has abundantly answered in so many ways throughout our lives together as well as with our children and their families.

On several occasions, Karen has told me, “You look just like your daddy when you do that” or “You sounded just like your daddy” when I would do something funny, make a funny expression or say a certain phrase that daddy would recite from time to time. Daddy loved to joke, laugh and have a good time which I also do myself. Life is much too short not to enjoy this life God has given us friend and embrace each day with expectation, wonder and thankfulness. Of all the memories that I hold dear and cherish with my dad, the greatest is that day when I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior following a sermon that daddy had preached on a Sunday evening back in 1980. Because of daddy answering the call to preach the gospel several years before, God used him to plant the seeds which would eventually take root within my heart and lead this prodigal back home. Daddy’s life verse was John 8:32 which reads, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Every time dad would sign his name to anything, he would also often write that verse to follow his signature. Daddy may not have left us as his family the riches of this world, but what he did leave us far outweighs any earthly treasure that will last throughout eternity. And although I am quite honored to carry on his name & legacy as his son and humbled when others may see certain characteristics of him in my life, there is an even higher calling that I continue to aspire to.  And that is the desire to have others see my heavenly Father and His traits evident and working in my life.

 Jesus said in John 14:9, “…Whoever has seen me, has seen the Father…Jesus came to this earth to reveal the true identity and character of God the Father. When one may wonder what God the Father is like, they need not to look any further than listen and look upon the life of His Son, Jesus. For what it true in Jesus, is also true in the Father as well as His Holy Spirit which dwells in each of us who have accepted Him as Savior & Lord over our lives. I can truly testify that I am not the same man that I used to be before I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. And yes, while eternal life through His death on a cross at Calvary is the greatest gift of all He’s given me, He’s also given me so much more that I could never deny His existence and presence working in my life each and every day. In other words, in more ways than one on a daily basis, “I’m Seein’ My Father in Me”. 

To Further His Kingdom,


About Bryan Tarjick

Christ Follower, Son, Husband, Father, & Grandfather. Passionate about Faith, Family, Leadership & Living with Purpose.
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4 Responses to Seein’ My Father In Me

  1. Lori Bardwell says:

    Bryan this was a beautiful tribute to our father.Thanks for sharing your testimony with us and for all of the kind words expressed for our daddy.I Love You !!!


  2. Deborah Mottershaw says:

    Thank you Bryan, what a sweet story and wonderful testament to your father!

    Debbie Mottershaw Receptionist – Texas E.C.H.S. 903-935-4109



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