Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new. ~II Corinthians 5:17

2015-01-21_1730I’ve always been fascinated with car enthusiasts who were into car restoration. Taking a huge hunk of metal, plastic, vinyl and so on and spending countless hours to bring it back to its original state or condition. This takes much knowledge, talent, and patience on behalf of the one completing the restoration process. Upon doing some research of what the actual process of restoration involved, I came to appreciate these classic car buffs even more.

  1. You must have all the necessary tools in advance to start the car restoration.
  2. Car restoration needs ample amount of space almost double of your garage.
  3. Always use the original parts for the job of restoring the vehicle to it’s original state.
  4. Put greater emphasis on the place where rust is more prevalent.
  5. Clean the engine a couple of times over and wipe out all the dirt and oil stained slush.

When God sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ into the world, his primary goal was to “restore” the broken relationship back to Him which had been lost through sin in the Garden of Eden. The original model for all of mankind had been broken and flawed through Adam and Eve’s disobedience and sin.

image002Like these classic vehicles, our lives can similarly be compared to the restoration process. Our Father & creator, the God of the entire universe can make us whole once again through a process which can only be achieved by allowing the “master mechanic”, Jesus Christ to complete His work within us.

Philippians 4:16 reads “Being confident of this very thing, that he which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

God originally placed all the “necessary tools” talents and gifts within each and every one of us. By creating man in His own image, He gave us all our “original” parts needed for this process. Many times in our lives there are some deeper “rusty” areas which will require much more time and attention such as more sanding and shaping to get down to our original state of what we were created to be. These rusty areas might be in the form of habits, addictions, behaviors, negative thoughts, bad relationships, etc., but through the victory we have in Christ, He can help us rid our lives of these detrimental areas which can keep us from becoming all God purposed & destined us to be.

During this restoration process in our lives, which is a daily one,   it’s extremely vital to continue in God’s Word, fellowship with other believers and to be “filled” by His spirit daily to keep all the “gunk and junk” of the world out of our system. This will maintain and maximize your life in becoming a “Classic” unlike the world has ever seen.

“Father, I thank You in knowing that You have a divine purpose and will for my life. There is absolutely nothing that you allow in my life each day that You are not able to use when I willfully surrender it to You. I thank You that Your Word tells me that all things are working together for my good when I keep my eyes on You in every circumstance to fulfill Your purpose in my life. Thank You also for restoring me each day knowing that I am becoming more like Your Son Jesus for it’s in His Holy name I pray, Amen.”

About Bryan Tarjick

Christ Follower, Son, Husband, Father, & Grandfather. Passionate about Faith, Family, Leadership & Living with Purpose.
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